Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 6.

So, this picture kills me but I took it last weekend at our friends lake house actually knowing that I would be doing a low angle shot this week! So...this is my adorable dog Bella, who almost took her own life last Friday, the day before her 3rd birthday! We were headed out of town to visit some friends and Bella came with us. Well we had just gotten on the freeway on-ramp, and we always let Bella stick her head out the window. WELL, Josh rolls the window all the way down for her, and I usually only roll it half way down because I don't trust her... You know what's coming don't you! So we had a bag of food on the seat next to her, and it rolled and hit her legs, scaring the crap out of her....and well yes she jumped out the car window. Out of our MOVING car. We had to be going 40 miles an hour. We immediately pulled to the side of the road and I just started freaking out, sobbing...I didn't even want to know. Josh said she rolled and rolled but when he got out of the car, Bella came walking over to him! To make a long story short, Bella came out with only a few deep wounds, one over her right eye, a big one on her chin and another on her right leg. No broken bones that we know of, she is completely fine and can run faster than ever. It is a miracle that she is alive and I know that she and we were given a HUGE blessing. God knows how much I love this doggie! :) She will no longer have the window down ALL the way...only a few inches to stick her nose out! (the second pic was taken right after the jump) poor thing.

My low angle shot for day 6:


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