Sunday, April 28, 2013

Difrax Pacifiers: Review & Giveaway!

I apologize for the drought of posts lately- I had my little boy 3 weeks ago and life with 2 kids has been BUSY to say the least! I am so excited to introduce you to my little {N} with this review and giveaway!

{B} has always been a binky/pacifier lover. In fact, I am THAT mom. The mom that said she would never let her kids have a pacifier after the age of 2 max- and well, {B} is now over 3 and still has that darn binky. I have learned that some things just aren't worth making a big deal about-and the binky is one of them. Pick your battles, right??

Well, little {N} got to review a new pacifier in his first week of life, and so far it is by far his favorite! I am so glad we had this opportunity!

Difrax is Europe's leading pacifier company, and the produce a very science-developed product, similar most to Dr. Brown's here in the USA. Their pacifiers are trendy looking and are BPA free! Some of the features of the Difrax pacifiers are:

~Unique butterfly shape keeps nose free

~Holes allow extra air to prevent irritation

~completely round nipple to best resemble mother's breast

~Dutch design

~Comes in multiple sizes to grow as baby grows ( from preemie to 24 months!)

~ fun and unique designs for boys and girls!

We were sent some blue pacifiers for baby {N} to review in the 0-6 month size. When I opened the package I was immediately drawn to how cute they are! I had never seen anything like them, and I love having unique things for my kids since it seems like so many things are the same these days! When I gave it to {N}, he immediately took to it! I was shocked! He doesn't love his pacifiers and was gagging on the ones I was trying on him, but he loves these Difrax ones!

Difrax is beginning to distribute their pacifiers to Babies R Us locations all over the US! Check on the Difrax website for locations near you!

Booginhead distribution is helping Difrax launch their pacifiers here in the US, and they are offering one reader a set of 2 Difrax Pacifiers of their own! Size is whatever Booginhead has on hand to send to the winner. Please enter in giveaway form below!