Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: The Party Works

Remember when The Party Works came over to n.c. baby blog for a guest post? Well, I was lucky enough to review their product this time, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

There is nothing like a perfectly planned birthday party. If anyone knows me, I kind of go to the extremes when I plan birthday parties. I like there to be an overall theme, and it has to be perfect, down to the details. It doesn't matter how young or old your child is, you can make their party one to remember. They may not remember every detail, but they will see pictures, and think, "wow, my mom was so awesome that she planned all of that!" So...then comes the planning. So many things to remember. How many guests? Will there be a take home gift for the kids? What about the cake?

This is where The Party Works comes in. They give you the basics, so all you have to remember are the minor details. They make party planning EASY, and thats the only thing us busy mommas want, right? We want it to be easy, but we want it to be good and memorable!

The Party works has pretty much everything you will need to make that party happen. With over 4,000 items in stock that can be delivered straight to your door with the push of a button, you really won't need to go anywhere else! Party packs include decorations, streamers, paper plates, cups, napkins, candles and party favors! You just might not even ever have to leave your house to plan this party! You can also order party packs for baby showers! Themes include Disney Cars, princesses, elmo, Toy Story, Curious George, Strawberry Shortcake and the list goes on.

Since we just moved to Iowa and we are loving all of the big tractors everywhere ( not to mention {B} is totally into tractors and monster trucks these days) we decided to review the John Deere Standard Party Pack for 8. This party pack includes:

8 dinner plates
8 dessert plates
8 forks and spoons
16 napkins
solid-color tablecover
foil balloon
12 latex balloons (2 colors)
curling ribbons (2 colors)
crepe paper rolls (2 colors)

When I opened the box, {B} was ecstatic! He immediately snagged everything with a tractor on it and ran around the house begging me to open them. All of the items are made with high quality and bright colors. Not to mention, you couldn't buy all of the stuff included in the party pack for the great price you get on the Party Works Website!

This party pack is only $18.19 online, and even better, if you order over $30 worth of items, your order ships FREE! So head on over to the Party Works website today, and get to work ( or lack thereof :) on that party of yours! Save yourself the stress of going to the party store and deciding what to buy. These party packs have everything you need to make your party the success it will be.

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