Thursday, July 12, 2012

n.c. baby blog's Tip of the Week

I'm going to try and do a tip of the week! Whether its baby related, being money savvy, or just a random thought of mine, Im going to see how it goes! If you have any good tips, email them to me at


When was the last time you got out your REAL video camera? I'm not talking about iphone video cameras, or randomly on your ipad. Im talking the real deal???

When {B} was born, I was really good about taking actual videos of him. I stayed pretty good with filming him the first year of his life. Now slowly, I have definitely taken a slow down on the recording, and when I wanted to make a video of the first 2 years of his life, I had a hard time finding actual good footage of him closer to 2 years! I treasure the videos I have of him when he was teeny tiny, with his big blue eyes and drool running down his chin; but are we getting those silly words on film? What about those funny habits he or she picked up from you? Have you gotten them singing their favorite song? I think when it comes down to it, those are the things we are going to want to hold close to our hearts in the long run.

So I challenge you to get out your video camera today! Are you going swimming? Take the big camera with you! Going to the park? Maybe you will get something funny on camera! You  just never know. And in 10 years from today, you might write me an email, thanking me for the challenge. Because these are the times we don't want to forget!

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