Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Days Review: Agoo Leg Huggers Review

I find that the hotter it gets in the summer, the less clothing I want to put {B} in (without making him go naked, of course.) I have nothing against an adorable onesie, but even then that is just too much skin in the harmful sun...and that's where Agoo Leg Huggers come into play at our house! They are so easy to get on and off, they are made out of Bamboo, they have a unique finish on them that protects from harmful UV rays, and they are just too adorable for words! Fashionable and functionable, does it get any better than that?

Agoo knows how active children are. Keeping this in mind,”our fabrics have Wick Away fibers that pull moisture and sweat away from the body, and move it to the surface. No more chills or over heating, this feature keeps kids cool and dry all at the same time.” Agoo makes their leg huggers with hypoallergenic, organic materials that it is completely non-irritating to even the most sensitive skin.

Agoo Leg huggers not only protect from UV rays (or for other seasons, cold!), they are also great for protecting your crawlers knees and legs from the bruises and scrapes that come with crawling!

We were sent the All About Me Leg Huggers to review. {B} reviewed the leg huggers for me and they definitely stayed true to their word. The leg huggers stayed right in place on his upper thigh through his crawling and walking around. They even made it through a few rounds of crawling up and down the stairs! My next step in the review was to wash and dry them and see how they held up. I was really excited to see that they did not shrink at all, and the colors stayed just as bright after a few washes and dries. In the past I had used other baby leg warmers that had either shrunk or faded, but these did neither. They also are just as soft as the day we got them.

Agoo has over 30 different prints and styles of Leg Huggers to choose from, with plenty of styles for boy and girl alike! Hurry on over to Agoo and get your little one a pair (or 2!) of these adorable and functional Leg Huggers!

Buy It: You can buy Agoo Leg Huggers on their website, prices range from $10-12.


  1. Those are so adorable! I love how bold the colors are.

  2. cute blog! following you back from toddle along tuesday. look forward to read more :)