Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Mommy Hook- Review

In my daily browsings online, I came across an awesome product that I had to try. Have you ever been to the mall, bought WAY more than you anticipated, and then had no room in your stroller ( since your diaper bag takes up the WHOLE basket) for your many bags of goodies? Or what about the grocery shopping trip where all of your groceries fall neatly into place before you get them in bags, and then once they are bagged, they don't fit back in the cart without piling them on top of each other or your kids? Well, I have the coolest, handiest and yet simplest solution that you are going to love hearing about...the Mommy Hook.

The Mommy Hook
is virtually a large carabiner that hooks on to your stroller or shopping cart and essentially gives you that extra arm you always wish you had. It is made of a very strong metal, and has a soft cushion that gives it a "no-slide" benefit as well. It won't move around on your cart or handle of your stroller, and it can hold multiple bags, umbrellas, or whatever you feel like you need to attach to it! Here is what Keen Distribution has to say about their product, the Mommy Hook...
“The Mommy Hook is the perfect stroller hanger. Built to last, lightweight and versatile, The Mommy Hook® fits virtually all stroller handles. The Mommy Hook® is made from durable, heavy-duty aluminum—it won’t break like cheap plastic hangers. Its rubber guide keeps it from slipping or sliding. Use The Mommy Hook® on your stroller. Use it on your shopping cart. Just snap it on and you’re ready to roll! The Mommy Hook® easily holds diaper bags, shopping bags, camera bags, groceries, purses, clothes, toys, sports gear, and much more! It’s even handy for taking bags from your car to your home.”

I was able to review the Mommy Hook and I fell in love the first time I used it. I purposely took it with me to the mall a few days ago on a trip where I knew I would be buying a "few" things. I think I had 5 bags by the end, and because my dioller did all the work for me! It was so awesome to not have to worry about carrying all my loot ( on the other hand, it did make it a lot easier for me to buy more stuff I probably don't need! ) I will not be leaving my house without it, especially for those shopping sprees or grocery trips where I know there will be more than one bag.

The Mommy Hook retails $9.99 and I promise it will be the best ten bucks you will ever spend! You can currently buy the Mommy Hook at Bed Bath & Beyond, Toys or Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and it will be coming soon to Walmart! You can also order it online on their website at

The Mommy Hook would also be a great present for a baby shower or birthday gift, so go pick up one for you and a friend/family member today!!

Do any of you have a Mommy Hook? What are your opinions/experiences with them?

(On a side note, I also found out that Keen Distribution is right here in Carrboro, n.c.! Just 5 minutes from my house...what a small world! :)

Thank you Keen Distribution for allowing me to conduct the review of the Mommy Hook!

**I received a sample product in order to provide a fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

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